Saturday, April 7, 2007

Is Abortion Murder?

For argument's sake, let's say, "Yes, abortion is murder. A fetus, from the moment of conception, is a human being, and to destroy it is therefore murder."

Then it follows that...

- The aborting mother should face the death penalty, or at a minimum, life imprisonment. We're talking pre-meditated, first-degree murder here.

- Any parental restrictions on the child's behavior after birth is slavery. There should be no cribs, no gates, no rules. If your new-born wants Jack Daniels in his bottle, you had better respect those wishes.

- Come to think of it, if your new baby threatens to cry if you don't feed him Jack Daniels, then you can sue him for intimidation and psychic damage.

- And if the fetus has been difficult, then a lawyer will be waiting to pounce on him as he emerges into the rest of the world.

- Since the fetus is being singled out because it is a fetus, then it probably deserves some hate-crime protections as well.

- If discarding a four-cell embryo is murder, then what can be said of killing cows, pigs, and sheep? (A four-cell embryo is much less developed than an earthworm, let alone more advanced mammals.) A new vegetarianism awaits.


Lexcen said...

That's exactly why a fetus is called a "fetus" and not a human being.

JohnM said...

Don't you address that here?

A human being has rights. Specifically the right not to be killed. There is vagueness in when the collection of cells aquires the right to life.