Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are Socialists and Their Left-Wing Ilk Religious?

Yes they are:

1. Instead of trusting the evolving processes of free markets, they assume that an omnipotent, prescient, just, and benevolent leader can solve all problems.

2. Their doctrine demands today's needless sacrifices (taxes, economic controls, endless regulations, social engineering, etc.) to establish tomorrow's ambiguous utopia.

3. They have a rigid doctrine to which all members subscribe -- and display complete agreement in all aspects of subsidiary issues (wars, gay rights, recycling, etc.)

4. Their beliefs rest on faith; even when repeatedly disproven, they keep believing.

5. Israel is central to their beliefs.

6. They evangelize in public.

1 comment:

TDK said...

Interesting idea.

Of course there are some disagreements:

Should porn be made illegal?

Are extremist homophobic mysogenist islamists suitable allies?

Was the Soviet Union communist, degenerated workers' state or state capitalist?

Is Bush worse than Hitler?

Sorry about the last one. Not even left wingers are stupid enough to debate that question.